Saturday, January 18, 2014

DIY Frame "Wreath"

Since I technically still have up my Halloween wreath, I feel that I owe it to my neighbors to have a "wreath" that I can easily switch out for the Holidays. Now my sweet neighbors won't have to stare at the same wreath for months (like they really care, or notice)!

I saw somewhere (Pinterest probably) where a picture frame was used instead of a wreath for the front door. I loved that idea, and thought I'd make something similar! This was easy peasy and I've already stocked up on supplies to switch it out for St. Patty's day, and Easter...bonus points for being ahead of the game!

What I used:
-8x10 frame from Hobby Lobby. It was already shabby chic white like I wanted.. score! AND it was 50% off..double SCORE! I want to say it ended up being $10.
-Scrapbook paper
-e6000 glue (you can find this at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores I'm's usually near checkout)
-fabric flowers
-Chalkboard, vinyl letters, dry erase maker..really whatever you want to decorate and write on it with.

Since my frame was already the color I wanted I didn't have to fiddle with painting it...but spray painting it could add even more character! So my first step was cutting my scrapbook paper down to size, and fitting that in the frame.

Next, I made yo-yo fabric flowers with scrap fabric I had lying around. Now since I'm new to this blogging thing I didn't make a tutorial on that..way to go Rachel. There are tons of tutorials for different fabric flowers floating around though...orrrr you can go the easy way and buy some pre- made! Whatever route you take, you'll need an arrangement of fabric flowers.

I wanted to be able to switch out my flowers for different holidays so I decided to attach velcro to the back of my flowers and the frame. This is where the e6000 glue comes in handy. PSA: This concoction WILL cause fingers to stick me. Super sticky.

I also knew I wanted to be able to change the wording on my frame, so I went with chalkboard vinyl. You can use chalkboard paint, vinyl letters, print something on the paper, use a dry erase marker.. just whatever suits your fancy.

Lastly, I strung some tulle behind the frame and hung her up!

I don't have a lot of spare time to create and switch out wreaths like I'd like to, so this is the perfect, simple solution for me!


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