Sunday, March 30, 2014

Whiskey Bottle Soap Dispenser

Ready for an easy DIY project? I'm not even sure I'd call this a "project", but it's definitely a cute idea! Our new house has a huge living room/ bathroom in the basement, which has been claimed as the man cave...nothing girly allowed down there. This Jack Daniels soap dispenser fits right in.

Now it did take me about 6 months to "make", simply because that's how long it took me to empty the bottle. Definitely not gonna waste whiskey! Other than that, assembly took less than a minute. I found the separate soap dispenser pump at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and luckily it was a perfect fit.

To make: Wash the bottle out (try not to soak the labels), fill it with soap, screw your pump on and it's ready to go! Man cave approved!