Friday, November 8, 2013

Welcome Y'all!

Welcome, welcome! I hope you'll enjoy my blog! I love when shops have blogs or any social media outlets that allow their customers the chance to see a bit of their personal life. That's one reason small businesses are so great; you really get to know who you're buying from! That's why I'm starting this blog; not only to post about all things crafty, but to give my customers a chance to get to know the person behind The Poppy Shoppe. I love my customers, and I want them to know me and see my appreciation for them!

Now for a few fun (or not so fun) facts about myself.
1) I'm 22 years young, and slowly but surely studying to earn a bachelors in business.
2) I'm married to a sweet firefighter, Matt.

3) I have one fur baby named Bailey.
4) Before starting The Poppy Shoppe I was studying to become a Dental Hygienist.

5) I have an amazingly supportive family.
6) I have the attention span of a goldfish.
7) I'm sooo incredibly corny. My jokes are seriously the worst.
8) I worry about EVERYTHING. If I have nothing to worry about, I'll create something.
9) Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. The colder the better.
10) I love, love traveling. Whether it's a 2 week trip, or a weekend getaway, I love seeing new places and experiencing new things.
11) I am NOT saavy when it comes to technology.
12) One profession I'd love to have knowledge of is graphic design. I so much envy you graphic design folks. I'd love to know how to make cute business cards, logos and what- nots.

That wasn't so bad, right? I hope not! Like I said, I hope this blog will act as a way for my customers to see me away from my business and also to create an outlet for me to get to know some of my customers , and meet new people!